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Similar to last week, this weeks main focus was Tammy Thomas, a black citizen who grew up during the civil rights movement.  As I read more into her story, I got more interested about life back in the 60s.  Thomas is from Youngstown, Ohio, which is an interesting place to read about.  I have been reading a little more into all of the characters online in my own time.  I believe it is good to have a broader background about the people I am reading about. I have done separate research projects into that era for other subjects in school but it is good to actually read about it in a book about a particular person and their point of view.

Next week, I will read more into Jeff Connaughton and his journey through politics.  All of the people that I am reading about contribute to establishing an American identity.  Meaning, Packer explains how the United States is a very united but diverse place where people come from many different backgrounds.
So far, Tammy Thomas and Jeff Connaughton are m…

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This past week I was introduced to another major character: Tammy Thomas. I still have a few more characters to meet which I plan to accomplish this coming week.  Once I have read about all of them, I will have a better understanding of the context of this book.  It has been going very well and this book is becoming more intriguing as I continue to read.  I found Thomas to be a very unique character as a black woman who grew up in the fifties and the sixties.  I always find it interesting to read about characters from that time as that is one of my favorite eras. I find it fascinating to read about the lifestyle then and how much it has changed.
Packer is doing a good job explaining the development of a national identity in the United States.  So far, he has written about people of very different origins, occupations, and races.  Even though he doesn't directly say it, he implies that the United States is a very diverse nation that is constantly changing. 
I have mentioned in previ…

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This past week, I was introduced to one more important character: Jeff Connaughton.  As of right now, he is my favourite historical figure in the book.  George Packer, the author, explains some experiences he went through in college and through his childhood.  I found it very interesting to read about the events that happened at the university he went to which was actually the University of Alabama.  The main reason behind this is that I have heard of the university and have a few friends who would like to go there.  "Connaughton was nineteen, a business major at the University of Alabama."  Connaughton would later establish the Alabama Political Union in which Joe Biden would give an inspiring speech.
It is fascinating to read about Jeff Connaughton and his challenges growing up.  As mentioned before, Connaughton established the Alabama Political union. As the opening act, Connaughton wanted to get Joe Biden and senator Jake Garn, a republican from Utah, to debate about the…

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In the past week of reading the Unwinding, new characters have been introduced and new information has been shared.  Dean Price, as told in the last blog, was the son of tobacco farmers in Virginia.  His parents, who were abusive and cruel, wanted him to keep the tradition going of living on the farm and growing tobacco. Dean, however, wanted something bigger and better.  He wanted to go to college, get a degree, get a fancy job, and live a wealthy life.  He fulfilled his dreams and became a wealthy business man.  As he soon found it, this was not the right life for him and decided go back to school to become an entrepreneur.

Newt Gingrich is a new character that I have recently been introduced to. His stepfather, General Gingrich, never really liked Newt as he did not want to join the army and serve his country.  Like Dean, he wanted something bigger.  He knew from past events, that all republics will eventually die, including America.  His goal was to "figure out three things: …

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The Unwinding, an Inner History of the New America, definitely tells an interesting story.  I have read 35 pages and I can already tell it is my type of book: challenging, interesting, and the inability to put down.  It tells the story of a 4 different people ( although I have not gotten to read about all of them yet), and how people should enjoy the freedom that they are granted in the United States.  The first time I heard about this book, I thought it was going to be very political and go into great detail of America's democracy. While it does give a little political insight, this book mainly focuses on the lives and experiences of these ordinary citizens.  These 4 people are very different from one another which is what makes it so unique.  The son of tobacco farmers is not going to have the same point of view of a Silicon Valley billionaire.  I find it very interesting to see the different perspectives of people.  I do admit, this book is a little challenging for me as it is …

Unexpected Visitors

The first book that I chose was The Day the World Came to Town by Jim DeFede. I am currently three quarters of the way through the book and I plan to finish it in the coming week.  I have honestly never read anything like this book, which is why I try to sit down and read it any chance that I get.  This book is also quite challenging for me as it is a true story on what happened on 9/11.  The story has so many little details and I have a habit of trying to remember each one.  Whenever I read a nonfiction book, I get so caught up on the little details that I forget about the big picture.  Nevertheless, this book definitely shows people humanity and how we all help each other out through tough times. One of the main ideas in the book The Day the World came to Town is how people come together to help each other in times of crisis. Because over 200 planes were diverted to Newfoundland, thousands of people were stuck in this small town for a few days, or until the United States airspace ope…

The Rush for AP Books

Before I start talking about the AP titles that I read, I would like to give an update on my goals for the year.  My current goal is twelve books.  I still think I can achieve it but it will be difficult.  I underestimated the amount of time we had left in the school year.  I did finish the Harry Potter series and now I have three more book to read in only three weeks.  What I decided to do was to read three short AP title books so I can meet my goal.  Most of the Harry Potter books are more than 600 pages which is why I have spent so much time on them.  Hopefully, I can get through these next few books quickly.

The first AP book that I read this semester was Of Mice and Menby John Steinbeck.  This was a very good story that is about friendship and loyalty.  In the book, Lenny and George are good friends who go and work on a farm to earn some money.  George cares about fitting in with the rest of the workers and Lenny is having a very difficult time.  Unfortunately, George ends up sho…